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6 weapons from the prophecy

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer computer game developed by Bungie, Inc. and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. Bungie and Activision were independent in 2019. The ego shooter is a pure online game and was published for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on September 6, 2017. The version for Microsoft Windows was published on 24 October 2017. In addition, the game appeared for Google Stadia, Xbox Series X and S as well as the Playstation 5. Destiny 2 is the successor of the Destiny published in 2014. The game world is embedded in a science fiction scenario. Each player slips into the role of a so-called latter, protector of the last remaining secure city on earth. For this, this guardian uses a light called power to defend the city from various aliens races. One of these races, the so-called cabal, led by Dominus Ghaul , infiltrate the city and rob the keepers of their power. The player starts with the journey to recover this power and defeat Ghaul and his redsheet and recall the last city. As in the first part of the game, the actions of Destiny 2 are divided into player counter-player (PVP) and player-for-environment activities (PVE). In addition to the classic story missions in which the action of the game is pursued, Destiny 2 contains so-called Strikes for groups of three players and RAIDs for six players in PVE mode. In this case, arbitrarily chosen story missions are played in different difficulty grades. Furthermore, there are different events and activities with non-player characters (NPC) on the different planets. So-called competitive modes, which modeled the PVP principle, contain both target-based types and classic Deathmatch.

Destiny 2 has revised his former Trials of the Nine weapons for season 15 and added them to the prophecy dungeon as a new Loot. These weapons are advanced to the real insider tip and the best reason to stop in the dungeon.

Many keep the prophecy dungeon for one of the coolest in Destiny. He came completely unexpectedly, he was available for free and, which is more important, he is amazingly worth seeing.

NeonPop Design meets there on a largely unknown space breed. Infinitely sandy levels, which show down planned planets of Destiny 2. A world that is put on the head and you will roll around. And last but not least, a sparrow route on fabric tapes that are unknowing.

Bungie has created real curious things in this dungeon and while it is playing, you meet surreal worlds that have no problem with crass neopop colors. Also, the then trailer for activity is a real Destiny 2 Gameplay delicacies. Who remembers?

At the Dungeon Loot, Bungie initially opened: Unfortunately, the Loot, which one could earl up there until Season 15, did not meet this creative location at all. There were Daito-forged armor as well as the new edition of the test of nine armor, which also visually fit the dungeon.

But the weapons were unfortunately recycled, as the Ikelos sf shotgun or the death otters (which also considered a hermit spider 2.0).

All basically good weapons, which many players wanted to play again, but only because of their former glory times in Destiny 2. they were really important for the meta no longer. Meanwhile, these weapons are available through the normal Lootpool.

The nine weapons are small insider tips

When known in Season 15, Bungie had re-launched the old trials of the nine weapons for the prophecy dungeon, many players were pleased. Even if the again indirectly recycled weapons are from Destiny 1. For many Destiny 2 players, there were still unknown and thus new weapons.

The weapon optics, with the cool logo of the nine, fit visually perfectly to the dungeon. The new Lootcars for the dungeon are now much promising. Especially longtime Destiny 1 veterans had the weapons of the Old Trials of the Nine still in memory. You could say you have a few of these weapons just let your head several times.

Overall, there are six weapons that you can earn and we ll tell you in which encounter you drop these exactly and what the recommended perks are the community for PVE and PVP.

Judgment - handgun

Top 12 BEST PvP Weapons RANKED! (Destiny 2) The weapon drops you: in the first encounter Phalanx Echo

Judgment is a legendary kinetic handgun with a 140 fire rate and an adaptive frame. This also means the handgun has a rounded handle, is reliable and robust. She is a small insider tip for handgun fans. Especially with time charge in the PVE, the weapon is really fun.

For PVE Recommended Perks: Demolier: Kills with this weapon produce grenade energy. By activating the grenade, the weapons will be charged from the reserves. Time charge: Projectiles stapling on enemies explode after a short time.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Tunnel view: The reloading according to a kill improves target detection and destination speed. First shot: Improves the accuracy and range from the first shot of the attack. or in slides: If you are slipped, the magazine is partially recharged as well as range and stability improved. Multikill clip: Increased damage by reloading, based on the number of fast kills previously achieved.

The long way - sniper rifle

The weapon drops you: in the first encounter Phalanx Echo

The long way is an energy sniper rifle that causes solar damage. It has an aggressive sniper frame, which means high damage and high recoil.

For PVE Recommended Perks: Clown Cartridge : Randomly overloads the magazine when reloading from the reserves. Cracking : As soon as rage activates that increases the damage, handling and recharp.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Surplus : By picking up special or heavy ammunition, this weapon is charged beyond its normal capacity. Snapshot Visor: It s faster to use the target device.

The last breath - automatic rifle

The weapon drops you: in the second encounter The Dice

The last breath (it s actually The ) is a kinetic automatic rifle with 600 firing rate and an adaptive frame. This means it has a rounded handle, is reliable and robust. It also has a great handling. For small ads in PvE is an effective mower . But even in the endgame, jamming Champions, a solid option.

For PVE Recommended Perks: livelihood: Your magazine is reloaded after a kill partially and automatically from the reserves. frenzy: Once frenzy increases enabled the damage, handling and Nachladetempo.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Murderous Wind: Increases to a Kill mobility, reach and handling for a short time. Rangefinder: Increases the effective range and the zoom magnification.

Rapid judgment - gun

The weapon you properly drop: In the third Encounter Kell echo

A quick judgment a pistol for the energy slot, the empty damage is caused. It has a precision frame, which means that the recoil patterns much more predictable and vertically is. The only sees small and cute - they not be underestimated.

For PVE Recommended Perks: Fully automatic trigger system : The gun shoots automatically. Kill Clip: The reload after a kill increases the damage.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Murderous Wind: Increases to a Kill mobility, reach and handling for a short time. Rangefinder: Increases the effective range and the zoom magnification.

A sudden death - Shotgun

The weapon you properly drop: In the third Encounter Kell Echo and the delegates Orin.

A sudden death is an energy shotgun with Arkusschaden. She has an aggressive frame, which means that it hits hard, has high recoil and increases the rate of fire for a kill. Evil thing and its name says it all.

For PVE Recommended Perks: In slides: Loading the magazine partially gradually increased when sliding temporarily reach and stability Double Punch: If an enemy hit with any pellet of a shot, the melee damage increased for a short time.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Surplus (ability) : Improves handling, Nachladetempo and stability for each fully charged capacity. Schnappschussvisi it: It s faster to use the target device.

darkness ahead - Pulse Rifle

The weapon you properly drop: In the third Encounter Kell echo .

Darkness advance is an energy pulse rifle with Arkusschaden. Due to the rapid-fire framework, it has larger reserves of ammunition and a little faster Nachladetempo when the magazine empties. In PvP and PvE endgame, the weapon has already proved, especially since you can end up with it excellent headshots.

For PVE Recommended Perks: Surplus : By picking up special or heavy ammunition, this weapon is charged beyond its normal capacity. Toben: Kills 3 times stackable with this weapon cause temporarily increased damage.

For the PVP Recommended Perks: Surplus (ability) : Improves handling, Nachladetempo and stability for each fully charged capacity. Fully automatic trigger system: The gun shoots automatically.

The currently very popular weapon in Destiny 2:

Ought My 5 favorite weapons in Destiny 2 and why they absolutely use YouTuber explains why playing in the sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 all just Western weapons Agers Scepter: If a Exotic revolutionize the combat system of Destiny 2?

There are more small mini-raids for three players

There are three different dungeons to date with Destiny second These are partially adapted thematically to the respective seasons in which they were published.

The missions are popular among players because they offer in addition to pure gameplay also an additional challenge by mechanics. Entirely on that they are optically a remarkable thing. Dungeons are, strictly speaking, small mini-raids for three players, but also solo feasible for Ambitious.

Currently, there are three active Destiny 2 dungeons that you can play:

The Broken Throne (Forsaken - Only until February 2022 available!) Here you have to try to break an ancient curse in a dark fantasy world. The Pit of heresy (Shadowkeep) The dungeon leads you into the depths of the moon, to the heart of a crowd sanctuary. Prophecy Dungeon (A gift from Bungie) You visit the planet of nine and learn what the darkness really is.

With the upcoming Seasons and the extension The Hexenkönigin , two new dungeons will be added again. However, these are only included in the exclusive deluxe edition of The Hexenkönigin , which also contains all Season Passes for year 5.

Prophecy weapons can be farms

If you have not already had the opportunity, the right time is now the need to catch up. According to current story stood, everything indicates that Destiny 2 players will have a little more time for the farm of a Goddroll their preferred weapon for the next few weeks. So you can relax a few runs on the planet of the nine.

Do not forget the hidden chests and collective objects: In the prophecy dungeon you can get extra-loot twice if you find the hidden boxes. In addition, there are several urn objects in the dungeon that can collect. If you do not want to look for yourself, you can see the video of AndyEdition for this.

How do you find the weapons from the Neopop Tron Dungeon? Do you have your own personal God Roll, which you find very good?


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