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Alice Gear Halloween Oversized Update Held!

Smartphones game, armed by the customized action Alice gear Aegis , it is in the public sequentially updates and campaign information Arisugia Halloween oversized update of the implementation schedule!

And free gifts campaign for a limited time Halloween costume, such as a special login bonus and accessories Gacha that can win the Halloween accessories by logging every day, we have implemented an update related to Halloween.

You can also shoot the actress, various types have been tested implement the mini-game to enjoy going out mode β , by posting photos taken to Twitter, we also held campaign that game items can be acquired.

Arisugia Halloween oversized updates held!

Held Period: 2021 October 18 (Monday) 15:00 schedule

Sequentially updates and campaign information of the implementation plan as Arisugia Halloween oversized Update , we have once published in the game in the Notice.

※ We also publish news other than those that are introduced below. ※ Please check the in-game announcement for more information.

Arisugia Halloween oversized Update carat Shop (Halloween Kos) appeared!

Held Period: 2021 October 18 (Monday) 15:00 December 6 (Mon) 14:59 schedule

Actress 55 persons of Halloween costumes, will appear in the carat shop for a limited time. This time, we have gift your favorite one outfit for free, by all means at this opportunity, let s GET the costume of your favorite actress!

When you replace a costume ※, accessories sacrifice of the eyepatch You can also earn. ※ Please check the in-game announcement for more information.

Arisugia Halloween oversized Update Halloween login bonus & Halloween Gacha appeared!

273 - | Easy Halloween Games | Halloween Party Games |

Held Period: 2021 October 18 (Monday) 15:00 November 8 (Mon) 14:59 schedule

When you log in to during the period, an item such as Halloween candy and scout point Nowak we have held a special login bonus.

By collecting the Halloween Candy , you can draw a special accessories Gacha that can win the Halloween motif accessories.

Arisugia Halloween oversized Update explore mode β appearance!

Held Period: 2021 October 19 (Tuesday) 15:00, November 8 (Monday) 14:59 schedule

Can photograph the actress in the studio and shooting rooms , play the mini-games, such as game center could play going out mode β will have been tested implementation. Let s enjoyed the best shot of the favorite actress!

Arisugia Halloween oversized Update shooting room β post Campaign!

Held Period: 2021 October 19 (Tuesday) 15:00, November 8 (Monday) 14:59 schedule

To celebrate the implementation of the outing mode β, we have held a Twitter campaign. Participation method, post with a Arisugia shooting room the photos were followed and photographed Arisugia official Twitter! Depending on the number of applicants, we will present the game items to all of our customers.

- 500 Posted achieve accessories ticket × 10 · 1000 Posted achieve scout point × 50 · 1500 Posted achieve accessories ticket × 20 · 2000 Posted achieve scout point × 100 < Arisugia official Twitter> / colopl alice

Arisugia Halloween oversized Update new special Chuiki strategy soon delivery!

Held Period: 2021 October 20 (Wednesday) 15:00 schedule

October 20 days from the (water), will be held a new special Chuiki strategy. In the special Chuiki strategy Op. Bougainvillea , and Tales of series, Worked on many masterpieces game sound, such as Star Ocean series, Motoi Sakuraba Mr. will participate as a guest sound creator. A sound that has been written down for this event, please enjoy!

Alice Gear Aegis Overview

The game maker pyramid , smart phone game makers COLOPL the tag! Fight with the girl who armed the mechanical, new sense of smartphone game appeared! Character supervision, character design of this work has been in charge of Mr. Fumikane Shimada.

More character design, also participated Kanetake Ebikawa and Mr. et Takayuki Yanase al mechanic designers in addition to Mr. Fumikane Shimada. Also welcomed ZUNTATA to the sound team, luxury creators team is gathered stocked also serves as a popular-ability! In addition, the goddess device figma is also in progress hobby deployment of such! Please look forward to a variety of planning and deployment!

Official site: https: // official Twitter account: https: // alice ※ official hash tag is Arisugia ▼ Market URL ■ Google Play: https: // play ? / store / apps / details id = jp.colopl.alice ■ App Store: https: //

※ Compatible smart device purchase and communication fee will be borne by our customers. ※ It is an item charging system. Some characters will be provided by the random type the item providing system of pay. ※ For those under the age of 20: When purchasing items, get consent from your parents or purchase together.

© Pyramid, Inc. / COLOPL, Inc.


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