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Films and series of premiere in Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney + on the weekend (October 29)

We approach the end of October with a very special weekend for many since, we not only have a small bridge in which we will have an hour more, but Halloween is also celebrated.

Undoubtedly these days are suitable for partying at home and mounting a good horror marathon with friends through the movies and series available on the main Streaming platforms.

However, there is also a hole for the most conventional premieres, having titles for all tastes with which to be well entertained these days.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we review some of the best premiere movies and series in Netflix, HBO Max Spain, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Spain to see on the weekend of October 29, 2021.

Series and new movies in Netflix

We start the best news from Netflix Spain Highlighting The time I give you, a miniseries composed of 10 chapters of about ten minutes. Each one that is ideal for those who want to see something fast.

Statigated by Álvaro Cervantes and Nadia de Santiago, the series is a romantic drama whose plot focuses on Lina and Nico, a couple that ends up breaking after spending many years together.

Looking forward with her life, Lina treats Nico, treating every day to think a minute less about him and surpass him little by little to be able to move forward.

Among the best premiere films in Netflix Spain We have ejadito de los Ladrones, the First film of ejadito of the dead of Zack Snyder that this time runs and stars Matthias Schweighöfer, one of the actors of the original film.

The film focuses on Banco Ludwig Dieter, who is recruited by a mysterious woman to lead a group of aspirants to thieves and steal three legendary safes from Europe during the early stages of the Zombie Apocalypse.

There is no doubt that the biggest novelty of this week has been the arrival of HBO MAX to Spain, having many additions of the most interesting catalog of the WarnerMedia Streaming service.

News in HBO MAX

Within the best premiere films in HBO Max Spain We have the most mythical science fiction sci-fi sagas that run the Sisters Wachowski and Start Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving, among others.

The film follows Thomas Anderson, a programmer of a respectable software company that in the shadows is a famous hacker known as neo and that throughout the life of it has been with the persistent feeling that something is not entirely good.

Through Morpheus and Trinity, Neo discovers that the world in which he lives is not real, but a simulation of the world as it was once in a programming known as Matrix.

According to the prophecy, Neo is the chosen one that will bring peace in the long war that is librared between humans and machines.

With MATRIX Resurrections premiere very soon in cinemas, this is a good time to review the saga and have fresh all the keys to this new delivery. We remind you of our criticism of Matrix here.

If you prefer more classic cinema, in HBO Max, several indispensable titles of the cinema have been incorporated, finding mythical films such as asablanca, The mechanical orange, 2001: an odyssey of space, singing in the rain, the executioner, viridiana, the Wizard of Oz, Ben-Hur... A stay to choose from!

But there are also current news, I would miss more. As for Lunch Series of HBO Max We have made for love, an interesting dramatic comedy that stars Cristin Milioti.

She follows her the story of a young woman who, after 10 years living a torture in her marriage, decides to leave her husband, a billionaire expert in technology.

However, one day she discovers that her husband has implemented her in the brain of her a novel and revolutionary monitoring device with which she allows you to trace all the movements of it.

Another one of the best new series of HBO Max Spain is Dolores: the truth about the Wanninkhof case, an original documentary series of the platform that addresses one of the greatest judicial errors of the history of Spain.

After more than 20 years of silence and an exile in England, Dolores Vázquez narrates how the crime of Rocío Wanninkhof lived in 1999, the daughter of the then partner of her Alicia Hornos, where the court unjustly accused pains of perpetrating the homicide.

Dolores explains all the media calvary that she suffered, the trial and subsequent conviction for a murder that she had not committed, besides how she received the news that she had been given with the true author of the young woman, Tony King. This is our criticism of Dolores: the truth about the Wanninkhof case.

For horror lovers who want news with which you enjoy in Halloween you have between the most outstanding HBO Max premiere series chapelwaite, series created by Stephen King adapting your own novel.

Serving prequel de The mystery of Salem s Lot, Chapelwaite tells the story of Charles Boone, an aristocrat who moved next to his three children in the town of Preacher s Corners in Maine after the death of his wife to a deceased relative s house.

During his stay, Charles discovers on a map a desert town called Jerusalem s Lot, where he little by little he will unravel the secrets that have crowded the family of him for generations.

Other titles that are incorporated into the HBO MAX catalog as to series are smallville, The mentalista or the restart of the successful gosip girl, in addition to having the series that were already in HBO Spain, like the iconic Friends or some of the series of the Arrowback

Premieres Amazon Prime Video

We arrive at The most outstanding premieres of Amazon Prime Video with The Green Gentleman, film leading David Lowery and stars Dev Patel.

Account the story of Sir Gawain, nephew of King Arthur, who embarks on a whole reckless and daring adventure to face the green gentleman, a gigantic emerald skin that tests men.

In the adventure of him, Gawain will be on the road with ghosts, giants, thieves and intrigues, turning up a deep journey to define the character of him and demonstrate the worth of him in the eyes of his family and his own kingdom of him own, thus facing the definitive challenge. Here you can read our criticism of the Green Knight.

Another best premiere films in Amazon Prime Video is scoop, film directed by Woody Allen that has a deal headed by Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Allen himself.

The film follows Sondra Pransky, an American journalism student who is in Britain visiting her friends and finding the first century s scoop when she goes to a magic show.

When the illusionist takes Sondra from Volunteer for her trick, the young woman receives the ghost of a prestigious dead journalist who assures her that Peter Lyman, the rich and attractive son of a well-known British aristocrat, is actually the famous serial killer Known as Tarot killer.

With the help of the illusionist, Sondra will try to inquire about Peter Lyman to find out if he really is or not a serial killer.

Disney Plus: Movies and Series for this weekend

Within the best premiere films at Disney Plus Spain We have The Night House, one of the most recent horror movies that David Bruckner runs and stars Rebecca Hall.

The film revolves around Beth, a woman who is alone in a house near a lake specially designed for her while she tries to overcome the loss of her husband, who died unexpectedly.

Although she does everything possible for not losing sanity, her dreams do not take to appear and she begins to glimpse strange and disturbing visions of a presence of her in the house she calls for her.

Little by little, Beth begins to despair, so she decides to ignore her friends advice and researches in her belongings trying to find some response.

By rummaging between the belongings of the late partner of her, Beth runs up not only with secrets as strange as terrible her husband, but also with a mystery that she is willing to solve. Here you have our review of The Night House.

For the most nostalgic viewers, among the New Series of Disney Plus Spain for the weekend is available on the Pepper Ann platform, one of the most popular animation series of childhood (and not so childhood) of many.

New to HBO Max, Disney+ and More - October 2021 The series revolves around Pepper Ann Pearson, a young 16-year-old teenager who has to plant face to the world s problems with her best friends.

Here we ended our review at some of L AS Best Series and Films Premiere in Netflix, HBO Max Spain, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Spain to see on the weekend of October 29, 2021.

If you want more focused recommendations on Halloween, here we leave you some terror series to pass a fear Halloween.


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