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The 15 best exclusive movies that you can only see in HBO MAX

HBO Max is an entertainment SVOD service developed by Warnermedia, a division of AT & T, available since May 2020 in the United States. The service relies on third-party content providers of Warnermedia.

HBO Max landed in Spain the past October 26 With lots of news and with the promise to collect all the great productions of HBO and Warner in the platform, as well as lot of exclusive content.

In addition, one of the great novelties of HBO MAX is that Warner films premiered in cinemas will be available on the platform only 45 days after its premiere... No additional cost!

The cinematographic catalog of HBO Max will drink a lot of the productions of Warner, both new and old, and are expected to go sweeping their great franchises, as Disney has done.

Today in Hobby Consoles, we review 15 of the best HBO Max films that you can only find on the platform.

File Warren: The Conjuring

Year 2013 Duration : 112 min. Director : James Wan Genre : Terror and Suspense

James Wan laid the foundations for which it would be convened throughout a horror franchise that has collected hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

Expensive Warren: The Conjuring was the first tape starred by the Warren marriage, played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

Inspired by one of the stories of reputed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, history brings us to the 70s.

A family requests the presence of Warren on his farm, where a malignant being has terrified.

Harry Potter Saga

Year : 2001-2011 Duration : Different durations. Directors : Chris Columbus, David Yates, Alfonso Cuarón and Mike Newell Genre : Fantasy

Are you a potterhead? Your site is in HBO Max, where you can find the eight films of the adaptations of the novels of j. K. Rowling by Harry Potter

He accompanies the young magician again over his years at the Hogwarts College of Magic and Sorcery and relives the struggle of him with the Dark Lord.

Also, if you are looking forward to more, you have the two deliveries of fantastic animals to travel a few decades to the past.


Top 10 Amazing but Overlooked Movies on HBOmax You Must See Before They're Gone | Flick Connection

Year : 2019 Duration : 122 min. Director : Tod Phillips Genre : Drama inspired by comics

A hero is as big as the villain of him, and few villains are as big and charismatic as joker de batman.

The Prince Clown of Gotham crime was crowned again in 2019 thanks to the master interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix.

This version of a man with psychological problems and repudiated by society is one of the new origin stories of one of the elderly Villains of DC Comics.

Oscar candidate for the best film and tape that caused Phoenix, finally, his deserved recognition from the Academy. Without a doubt, one of the best HBO Max films, by far.

Trilogy of the dark gentleman

Year : 2005-2012 Duration : more than two hours each movie Director : Christopher Nolan Genre : action and drama based on comics

We continue in the Batman universe with one of the best trilogies based on Gotham Justiciero. Indeed, we talk about the trilogy of The dark gentleman.

From Batman Begins and the Dark Knight: The Legend Renace, the Batman of Christian Bale saw him tested the temper of him in an ultra-realistic version of Gotham.

Christopher Nolan Directs the three films, one of which is in the prestigious list of the 20 best movies in history, according to IMDB.

The Justice League of Zack Snyder

Year : 2021 Duration : 314 min. Director : Zack Snyder Genre : action, adventures, science fiction and drama inspired by comics

And we do not say goodbye to Batman, this time very well accompanied by his fellow Justice League.

After more than two long years with the community claiming that the so-called Cut Snyder Justice League, Zack Snyder is estrenase got what he wanted.

Although he did not go through theaters, The Justice League of Zack Snyder provides a thorough view of the film originally released in 2017.

His extensive end laid the foundation for what has become known as Snyderverso but for now Warner has not planned to give real continuity.


Year: 1997 Duration: 116 min. Manager: Roberto Benigni Genre: Drama

With his undeniable ability for comedy, Roberto Benigni was launched in 1997 to explore one of the most dark and sinister history of mankind environments: a Nazi concentration camp.

This fable set in Italy in the 40s saw a family dragged to the gates and barbed wire of a concentration camp for Jews.

The young Giosué think at all times that he is participating in a game to win an armored car, thanks to the veil of fantasy that his father, Guido, weaves before him.

The experiences of the Orefe family in the concentration camp will make you laugh, but also cry, in one of those magical movies of the cinema and one the best titles you can see in HBO Max : The life is beautiful.

Detective Pikachu.

Year : 2019 Duration : 104 min. Director : Rob Letterman Genre : Fantasy and comedy based on videogames

The cliché that videogame-based films are not good is a sambenito that has been accompanying many films for years.

From time to time, tapes like etective pikachu reach the big screen to break the established rule and gave the key to satisfy players and great public equally.

Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith formed the perfect tandem as a pikachu speaker of the most insightful and the son of a detective in search of answers within the Pokñmon world.

Mad Max: Fury on the road

Year : 2015 Duration : 120 min. Director : George Miller Gender : Science Fiction, Action and Adventures

In 2015, the director George Miller returned to one of the most beloved postapocalptic worlds of him, the universe of Mad Max.

This restart, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and with a considerable cash injection compared to the original films caused fans between fans and is undoubtedly one of the best movies you can see in HBO Max.

The success of the film has already generated a prequel centered at Imperator Furiosa, the character of Theron.

However, Anya Taylor-Joy will be interpreted to the young version of the character in the prequel de Mad Max: Fury on the road.

Trilogy of the Lord of the Rings

Year : 2001-2003 Duration : Different duration. Director : Peter Kackson Genre : Fantasy

If a unidening universe is not what you feel like, maybe a trip to the middle ground is what you have in mind.

Peter Jackson performed between 2001 and 2003 one of the most ambitious and spectacular cinematographic adaptations in history.

You have the three films of The Lord of the Rings Available in the HBO Catalog Max, to prevent the Lord from boredom from taking over you.


Year 2007 Duration : 117 min. Director : Zack Snyder Genre : action, war and fantastic

Another Zack Snyder in our list. The director invited us back in 2007 to intense days in the thermopiles, to see how 300 espartans, in charge of Leonidas, divided firewood.

The small group of Soldiers of Sparta made him pass very badly to the great Persian army, and King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, mocked with recochinero.

By passing, Snyder gave us brutal action sequences that follow in the memory of many cinephiles.

So remember, Spartans, that your office awaits you in the HBO Max catalog, coged your shield and prepare for two hours of very crazy action.


Year 2014 Duration : 169 min. Director : Christopher Nolan Genre : Science Fiction and Drama

If when you look at the stars you dream with a world in which humanity extends through the firmament, interstelar you will put it very black.

Christopher Nolan presents us with a future where the natural resources of Earth agonize, and with them the life of humanity.

Looking to reach the firmament and colonize new planets to survive, the hope of humanity seems to wait on the other side of space... and of time.

LEGO Movie

Year 2014 Duration : 100 min. Directors : Christopher Miller and Phil Lord Genre : Animation, Fantasy and Adventures

We go with a movie for big and small. And it is that there are few things that unite more than good Lego.

The LEGO Movie invites you to dream of the immense range of possibilities offered by the popular brick game with which we can build from a shell to a star of death.

With that touch of animation so characteristic of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the LEGO Movie offers us almost two hours of family entertainment.

A city inhabited by Lego minifigures will be threatened, and only a random worker will be able to put an end to danger.

Godzilla King of the monsters

Year : 2020 Duration : 132 min. Director : Michael Dougherty Genre : Science Fiction and Adventures

Do you want to see how a lot of Kaiju knock down skyscrapers as if they were in a bowling game? Godzilla: King of the monsters is what you are looking for and one of the best HBO Max films.

Humanity is in danger when ancestral creatures such as Mothra, Rodan, Godzilla and Ghidorah try to survive.

Will humanity be able to survive the Envita of these huge beings?


Year : 2019 Duration : 132 min. Director : David F. Sandberg Genre : action and adventures

A different DC movie. Shazam! It presents us to Billy Batson, an orphan who discovers an ancestral power through a mysterious sorcerer.

With that power he is capable of becoming a powerful superhero capable of saving the world, but before he should give free rein to all that he can now do, like drinking beer.

With an archenemy as Mark Strong playing Doctor Sivana, the party will end soon, and Shazam! You must use the power of him with the just purpose of him.

american beauty

Year : 1999 Duration : 122 min. Director : Sam Mendes Genre : drama

One of the great films of Kevin Spacey. When the marriage between Carolyn and Lester approaches an end, her hatred and her daughter by Lester increases.

For more headache, it is possible that Lester s head dismiss, so he decides to change from air and life, achieving some happiness.

Ironically, as he separates from his wife and daughter, he is happier, but they hate him even more for it.

With this we conclude our review to 15 of the best films that you can only find in HBO MAX (WHERE A Streaming, Clear).

We have tried to vary as much as possible, but you are invited to expand the list with your own conversations.


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