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Mario Golf: Super Rush adds two free and more content characters in his last update

Nintendo has confirmed through its official channels the landing today, November 23, of the fourth large update of Mario Golf: Super Rush. Among its contents, the disembarkation is highlighted in the casual simulator of two new Champignons kingdom characters, Shy Guy and Florida, as well as new circuits and modes that we present below in this same news.

You have also added new game modes and golf courses starting with the new guests, we can see in action in two videos, flora is a powerful character that uses your long body to send the Ball further: It is armed with a fury and running race; For the part of him, Shy Guy is more versatile and balanced in the actions of him: rotating clap and helicavuelo are his taps and special accelerations respectively.

Mario Golf Super Rush - All Characters (+ Free Update Version 4.0.0)

Of tours, we find the addition of sanctuary carapace, a complex 18-hole tour of par 3 and two plots, and by SUPERSTAR, a tour set in the world of Mario and full of coins, clouds, Blocks, etc. In addition, two new game modes have been incorporated: target golf, a new way that allows you to play with only exit blows, without knowing the detailed golf rules; and one-on, one-putt, a way you must hit the green in the first swing and then throw a short blow in the cup in the second swing.

To finish, this patch also serves to make settings in the balance of the game and to add other general improvements. You can deepen more in this exclusive Nintendo Switch by reading the analysis of Mario Golf: Super Rush in 3DGames that said: Queen Title, with a brave proposal that materializes in the inclusion of an adventure mode and a fast golf style that moves away of the traditional approach


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