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The win is the origin, the 2021 Rolled Cup finals

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The rolling cup finally continued to engage in the final. On the 6th, the 2021 League of Legend World Championship (League Cup), which was spread from Iceland Reykjavík, he won the West in 2 sets of 2nd sets of people,

The defeated currency hunger chose one more blue camp. In fact, with the pick in the rolled cup victory, the Congress, who extracted the flagship of Right, who was a jungin-chin, who was a jungin-chin, The EDGE, which has all the good bottom picks, has completed a rush combination consisting of CASA, CASA, and a dash combination of Shining, Relic, Laban, and Leblanc.

In the early days, the initial initiative was in EDGE rather than a caterer, but he took several benefits, including the first messenger, with the first messenger. I took the first dragon. Before we have been 13 minutes, the Show Maker scarecrow has utilized the ultimate group, and the enemy Level lane puts the first scoring and posted it. Since then, in the midst of the second messenger, the crew in Santa, the body gave me the messenger, but the two-to-one exchange began to succeed and began to spread a little.

After the second dragon in 16 minutes, there was a one more time. While EDGE, which was somewhat unilateral damages, EDGE was captured to take the object, once again, once again, he was successful based on the successful initiation of the Show Maker scarecrow. A similar composition was held in the third dragon after 5 minutes, However, in the Arranged Baron TRI, the Ajië Taipei succeeded in Baron Steel and the difference did not happen.

Pre-Show | Red Bull BC One World Final 2021 | LIVESTREAM

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EDGE has been well Wolsey as a good person distribution and position despite a large growth difference. Nevertheless, the cemetery hunger went through the big growth difference, so slowly. Circle Kia won the fourth for the fourth, Baron, winning the turning place in the following point siege, and returned to the origin again.


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