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Dying Light 2: Lots of Free Content to Release

Tech land presents the various additional contents that expect you after the publication of Dying Light 2. In addition to two chargeable Story LCS you also get lots of free content. Free Content starts from February For another 5 years with LCS in planning The community is undoubtedly Free Content starts from February Next week, Dying Light 2 Stay Human appears and throws you in a post-apocalyptic world in which you can spend between 20 and 500 hours. But you can certainly prepare for another hour, because Tech land now announces the First Content Wave , which expects you off the Vanilla version (basic game without updates, DLCS etc.). In February and after the release of Dying Light 2, so-called fraction-inspired LCS appear. In March then follows the first set of new challenges and from April expects a series of events, accompanied by mutant infected. The second set of new challenges will be published in May. The entire additional content until here will be free of charge .

Will it be exclusive to Xbox Cod and the rest of activision games after the purchase of Microsoft?

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft membership solution for use with Xbox One and also Xbox Series game consoles, as well as on Windows 10 and also 11. Explains as the Netflix for video clip games, the Xbox Game Pass allows Players to have accessibility to a game brochure of different publishers for a solitary month-to-month subscription cost. A purchase like Activision by Microsoft is not a day for another . The company of Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer will pay $95 per share to about 70,000 million dollars, in a broken agreement for the video game industry. The CEO of Activision-Blizzard, Bobby Kick, has sent a letter to the workers of the company of him talking about this purchase, while Xbox has announced it to hype and saucer in their networks. As happened with the purchase of Bethesda a few months ago, the question now is as follows: What will happen to the licenses that Xbox acquires? The answer is not clear, since at the moment we only know that the games will arrive at Game Pa

New Ubisoft game is torn by the fans in the air

With a new edition of the settlers Ubisoft wants to open another chapter of the successful set-up series . Under a current YouTube video, however, the fans let it sound anything but anticipation. The comeback from the settlers The fans are angry at Ubisoft The comeback from the settlers With his nearly 30-year history, the settler series of Blue Byte and Ubisoft definitely belongs to the videos of the video game industry. Am 17. March If the publisher wants to breathe new life to the first part and publishes a generally overhauled version of the classic. For this even the originally conductive head Volker was brought to the boat. After the taped fans of the wire play after first promising motion pictures for two years with great anticipation, now sets great disappointment . A current YouTube video introduces the new game of the game: The fans are angry at Ubisoft Since YouTube has made the down votes invisible for videos, it is not apparent in which ratio the rating is, b

Handball EM: Alfred Gislason deletes Lemgos Lukas

Original text too short. Punched, at Cup winner TV Lego Lipped under contract, it will not belong to the squad, which is supposed to build the first victory for the EM prelude on Friday (18 o'clock, live! At victory) against Belarus the first victory. The left-handed is new to the national team and is up-to-date with four international matches (six goals). Background: Only 16 players may be nominated, Germany is at 17 professionals in Bratislava. Gílson may decide before each mission, which player he wants to swipe. The DUB selection meets after the game against Belarus in the first tournament phase on Sunday (18 o'clock) on Austria as well as Tuesday (18 o'clock) to conclude the preliminary round on Poland. The two best teams of each four-group qualify for the main round.

RB Leipzig - 1. FSV Mainz 05 4: 1: Back round start Custom measure: Leipzig overrolls ten Mainzer

Andre Silva satisfied two times for the Leipzig (21st, trading feet/ 61.). A previous score of the Portuguese had actually stopped Alexander Hack with his arm. For the activity, the Mainz defender saw the red card as a result of handrail (20th). Tesco had called Restart beforehand with regard to the points generate from the preliminary as well as the 0: 2 loss for the yearly accounts against Armenia Bielefeld. The 36-year-old had to offer up several gamers in his 4th organization video game as a RB instructor. Amongst various other points, Nordic Muriel, Benjamin Heinrich and Dani Elmo were missing after favorable corporate examinations. Likewise, playmaker Emil Forster and Konrad Lieder were not readily available because of injury. Successful reboot Despite tense personally: RB Leipzig, after the frustrating round at the beginning of the year in the football Bundesliga, started the targeted pattern. The crew of trainer Domenico Tesco won 4: 1 (1: 0) in any way of the PSV Mainz 05

Mexico is the third country where no way home has collected more money

After two years when the film industry faced its greatest rival so far, spider-man: no way home came at the right time, breaking various records at the box office. While it is not a surprise that this tape is a success, Recently it was revealed that Mexico is the third country where more money has collected this tape. So far, more than $1.3 billion have been collected over 61 countries around the world. In this way, it was revealed that the United States is the region that has contributed the most money, followed by the United Kingdom, and Mexico in a third position. However, no exact numbers have been provided. This should not be a big surprise, spider-man: no way home was one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and came at the exact moment in which people began to leave more. Similarly, this tape is currently positioned in the number 12 of the priest in history. On related topics, it seems that the success of no way home caused the delay of Möbius. In the same way, t

Pokémon Go: Today Last Raid

This is an episode list, which ought to offer a summary of the currently 24 seasons of the Anime Collection Pokémon. These periods are in the native land of the series, Japan, not in this kind. There, the seasons noted here are basically separate collection. The first collection, Pocket Monsters, create the periods 1 to 5. They are described outside Japan — above all as a separation to the other series — as an original series and also have no subtitle. From Season 6 to 9, the series ran in Japan under the title Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation. The 3rd series includes the seasons 10 to 13 and also had the title Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl in Japan. The 4th series, which includes the seasons 14 to 16, ran in Japan under the title Pocket Monsters: Finest Wants!. The 5th series put on the title Pocket Monsters: XY in Japan and includes the periods 17 to 19. The sixth collection consists of the seasons 20 to 22 as well as received the title Pocket Monsters in Japan: Sun &

Minecraft: 4 spectacular seeds that you have to try in version 1.18

It's a great time to play Minecraft. The arrival of version 1.18 implies that the new generation of the world creates fascinating biomes, caves and geographical accidents. One way to see it is to create a creative world and to fly around until you give something very powerful that makes you start a game in survival. But otherwise differently is to make use of the SEEDS of other players to enter worlds already explored and with good number of spectacular places; You just have to add them during the tab of more options when you create a new world. We present you four totally unforgettable seeds. Almost all biomass in 1500 blocks One of the most fun achievements of getting in Minecraft is to find 50 biomes. It will take you work, and surely you need the wings and rocket stacks. Luckily, this SEED makes you easier for you. SEED code: -7497863297697545553 A huge cave of stalactites The creation of caves is one of the strengths of this new version, and this seed will give you a

Legendary RPG series: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross

In the early 1990s, the video game industry was in the middle of the Super Nintendo fever. Especially in Japan, a timeless classic one appeared, and manufacturers like INAMI or Cap com moused to legend. The same was considered for the role-playing virgins Square soft and UNIX, which delivered at that time the best episodes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Probably thawed through their own high performance, the two companies still dared before their merger to Square Enix (2003) their first cooperation. Strictly speaking, Hironobu Yamaguchi (the Mastermind behind Final Fantasy), Yuri Horse (the inventor of Dragon Quest) and Akira Oriya (character designer by Dragon Quest as well as draftsman of the legendary Dragon-Ball comics) their powers to a common Overpass to design. The motto was not not blob, but Dozen! : Shinobi Final Fantasy 6 Kinase took over one of the three reliable forces and Mascot NATO was committed as an author after he made a name for himself by the unusually comple