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Minecraft: 4 spectacular seeds that you have to try in version 1.18

It's a great time to play Minecraft. The arrival of version 1.18 implies that the new generation of the world creates fascinating biomes, caves and geographical accidents. One way to see it is to create a creative world and to fly around until you give something very powerful that makes you start a game in survival.

But otherwise differently is to make use of the SEEDS of other players to enter worlds already explored and with good number of spectacular places; You just have to add them during the tab of more options when you create a new world. We present you four totally unforgettable seeds.

Almost all biomass in 1500 blocks

One of the most fun achievements of getting in Minecraft is to find 50 biomes. It will take you work, and surely you need the wings and rocket stacks. Luckily, this SEED makes you easier for you.

SEED code: -7497863297697545553

Minecraft 1.18 Seeds | Simply Amazing!

A huge cave of stalactites

The creation of caves is one of the strengths of this new version, and this seed will give you a good sample of it. This cave full of Dripstone will impress you when you see it live.

SEED code: -1895276179 Coordinates of the Cave: X: -31, Y: 73, Z: 749

Island full of mushrooms and a huge cave

One of the strangest biomes of all those in Minecraft is that of the giant mushrooms. If we add that it is an independent island, and that has a huge underground cave, we arrive at a huge seed.

SEED code: 2061879647305842158 Mushroom Island: -15 72 119

Snowy circular valley with a lake

The other great novelty of the patch is the arrival of the much higher and credible mountains. This seed is a good proof of what the worlds' creation system can now get in Minecraft.

Seed code: 8624896


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