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Girl Action "ITorah" Delivery decision on March 21, compatible with Japanese. Hard action fighting in hand drawn world of ancient civilization

Publisher's Assemble Entertainment announced on February 21 that the action game " ITORAH " to work on Grimbart Tales will be delivered on March 21st. The corresponding platform is PC (steam / The price is 19.99 euros, so it will be about 2500 yen. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display. "ITORAH" is a horizontal scroll action game depicted with beautiful hand drawn graphics based on the world's view of the Meso Marica Civilization. The main character is a girl named Itler. She is said to be the last person who survived in the cursed world naphrachan, and traveling to humanity in this area and to stand up to the presence of this world threat. In this work, the player advances the stage of various environments such as natural rich forests, caves and temples. In the way, she encounters a wolf that she was the strongest warrior of Naphrakan, and fights with the armor as a weapon. On the stage, a strange monster with an insect or planin

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in Amazon

The middle earth will come television with the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the most ambitious series of Amazon Studios. Production, which hearth cost more than 1,000 million dollars , adapt several stories set in the universe of J.r.R. Tolkien. Where is it chronologically? Official synopsis What stories can adapt? Date of premiere, where to see and how many episodes hearth Distribution of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power To materialize this vision, the North American giant hearth hired endless creatives: J.A. Bayonne directs the first two episodes , while Wayne Yip takes care of four more. Charlotte Brändström wearth the leartht confirmed director, who works in two episodes. The script of the scripts is charge of scriptwriters such earth Jearthon Cahill, Justin Double, Helen Shang or Stephany Folsom. J.d. Payne and Patrick McKay exercise showrunners . Illustrator John Howe, who already worked with Peter Jackson in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, repeats in th

Genshin Impact 2.5: How to get Cases

Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact "When The Sakura Bloom" is there and brings the players not only the playable debut of the 5-star Electro-Catalyst carrier Yae Miko, but also the debut of a new enkanomiya events called Three Realms Gateway Offering The debut of involved a new set of enemies known as Shadowy Husks. However, to complete the event, the players must collect at least 30 Husk Gems, but how can they actually get the mysterious items in their hands? To answer the and more, we will now tell you how to get Husk Gems in version 2.5 of Genshin Impact. How to get Husk Gems in Genhin Impact You can only get remember gemstones on Genshin Impact by taking part in the new Three Realm's Gateway Offering event that leads you to an enkanomiya, which is now wrapped in a thick layer of darkness. Once you have reached the area, you can get the gems by defeating Shadowy Husks and open the chests you guarded. You can find the chests as well as the Shadowy Husks by going to all

Horizon Forbidden West Video Review - En route to the west

Last updated there is February 17, 2022 In 2017, Guerrilla Games and Sony came out an amazing game: Horizon Zero Dawn. It was so amazing in fact that we, at Cogconnected, gave him a rare score of 100! Without a doubt, the rest was very requested since then and after his announcement, she became one of the most anticipated games of 2021. So how does Horizon Forbidden West compare? Quite well. Unsurprisingly for all those who played Horizon Zero Dawn or who watched the gameplay: it's beautiful. The same goes for Horizon Forbidden West. Alan and the story alone are worth more than the game. That said, the fight is equally strategic and hard to cook as it has always been - but in one way or another, it has even improved. Make sure to play the original before you start in this game, you will be delighted to have done it. For the full summary of Horizon Forbidden West, check out our video review below. Here is an excerpt from Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation: _ "Eart

DC announces its next real action movie for HBO MAX: The Martes Maravlos

The comics of the marigold twins (Wonder Twins) will have their own film adaptation of real action. So they have confirmed it so much Warner Bros. Barbara Gordon DC , announcing that this new movie will be releBarbara Gordoned directly at HBO max Barbara Gordon it will happen soon with Batgirl , whose filming is in Brand right now and that we just saw the first filtered images of Michael Keaton Batman, the Mentor of Barbara Gordon. For now there is no releBarbara Gordone date of this new superhero coat. DC continues to expand its universe Of the project to take the stories of the Maravilla twins will take care of the scriptwriter Adam Sztykiel , the first writer who had the film black adam starring Dwayne Johnson and will be releBarbara Gordoned in cinemBarbara Gordon this summer. Of course, for now any detail about the film plot is unknown. On the other hand, they have been confirmed Barbara Gordon producers Marty Bowen and WYCK GODFREY , whose well-known productions

Fortnite would be preparing a collaboration with uncharted

When it comes to crossovers in the gaming, it seems that nobody manages to do better than fortnite. The popular BATTLE ROYALE of EPIC GAMES continues to add collaborations with all kinds of franchises, and it seems that one of them involved Uncharted and specifically, to the characters of the next movie Live-Action. According to hypex , a dataminer and filter of fortnite , next February 17 A new challenge will arrive at _BATTLE ROYALE, _ in which players must find a treasure with a map Known as " Uncharted Treasure Map ". Inside this chest you will find four legendary weapons, four Good Heals, 270 Mixed Mats , and a lot of ammunition and gold. But definitely what we really are interested in this event is the possibility of seeing Skins of Drake and Sully within the game, although at the moment this has not been confirmed to one hundred percent.