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In March, it is $ 634.8 billion. Trade balance

Since 1956, which has been exported to March, the trade statistics began to aggregate the trade statistics. Energy prices have surged, and the intermediate income has increased and the imported solution was also the highest accounted for 63.2 million dollars, and trade balances were converted. According to the "March import and export trends" announced by the Ministry of Industry and Normal Resources, the March exports increased by 18.2% from 18.2% from the same month last year, and $ 27.9 percent increased by 27.9% to $ 63.2 million. The trade balance was $ 140 million. Exports have recreated $ 60.7 billion in December last year, which recorded the best export performance of the month. The day-to-average exporter also renewed $ 2.6 billion, $ 2.6 billion last month, which recorded its highest earnings. Exports showed a growing tax in major items, regions, and plus 17 consecutive months, continuous growth of rugged growth in 13 consecutive months. Semiconductors and

Nintendo Switch: New Free Games for Switch Online

Nintendo expands the list of "free" games for Nintendo Switch Online . Subscribers to the online service thus receive a game of play at the end of March 2022, which you can play as often as you like within your active subscription. Like Nintendo informs about the short message service Twitter, three additional classics for the NES and Super Nintendo are now available - the corresponding updates of libraries are live. More classics for NES and SNES The two NES classic Mappy Land and Dig Dig Dug 2 are waiting for you. The play library for Super Nintendo was again supplemented by the Plattformer Earthworm Jim 2 . Accessing the NES and SNES apps will be obtained with an active switch online membership. An annual subscription costs 19.99 euros, three months are available for 7.99 euros, a month for 3.99 euros. Within a membership you can play the classics permanently and as often as you like. In February, Nintendo surprised with two retro highlights for Switch Online: Si

PS5 buy: PlayStation 5-selling today at Saturn - and the great Amazon

Update 15:55 clock While at the PS5 bundle now "This article is permanently sold out", which suggests that the bundle can not be ordered today, it could give the PS5 individually theoretically again a continuation of today's PS5 drops. Here the PS5 overview page with all PS5 console offers at Saturn. Basically: Even just the Saturn servers were mercilessly overloaded again. We are curious if it has even made a purchaser to the payment process - writes it into the comments! Table of contents PS5 buy: The best PlayStation 5 offers from Amazon Solves the offer: Wie steigere ich meine Chancen auf eine PS5? So klappt der PS5-Kauf bei Amazon PS5-Gewinnspiel: Telekom verlost 3x Playstation 5 PS5 mit Strom/Gasvertrag lieferbar - jetzt 50 Euro sparen! Gran Turismo 7 incl. Buy pre-order bonus Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test video Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 / PS5) at Amazon Gran Turismo 7: This GT7 steering wheels for PS4 & PS5 are now cheaper iPad Air & iPad Pro on sale

The Last of US Series: Best Picture of Ellie and Joel published

While many of you can certainly hardly expect until the serial adaptation to The Last of Us is finally available, the crew continues to deal with the recordings. Consequently, there are also other photos shot on the set on social media. A newly appeared image of Ellie and Joel is much better than those we have seen so far. Best photo of Ellie and Joel Important minor characters in the picture Best photo of Ellie and Joel That's why it works: Currently it is turned for the HBO series in Calgary, Canada, how reports. This is one of the main locations for the show. On the new picture, which appeared on the Fan Twitter Channel Naughtydoginfo, Bella Ramsey can be seen as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel. Here you can watch the picture: Recommended editorial content At this point you will find an external content of Twitter, which complements the article. You can view it with a click and hide it again. Allow Twitter content I agree that I will see content from T

German U17 on EM course

The German U17 footballers are located close to the qualification for the football em this summer. Also a junior player of FC Bayern met. The team of coach Marc-Patrick Master sat down in the Scottish Falkirk with 4: 0 (1: 0) against the host. The first place in the group has the German selection before the play of the competitors of the Czech Republic and Georgia in the evening but not quite sure. The Czechs are opponents of the German young team on Tuesday. Midfielder Tom Bishop from the TSG Hoffenheim scored two of the four German goals on Saturday (30./57. Minute). Also Dzenan Pejcinovic from FC Augsburg (46) and Arijon Ibrahimovic from FC Bayern met for the guests (76th). The first group game had won the selection of the German Football Chamber on Wednesday 3: 0 against Georgia. The eight group winners as well as the seven best second qualify for the EM finals, which takes place in Israel from 16 May to 1 June. When determining the best second, only the results are agains

Lol: we want to be beasts of pokeo in Aram and that makes mostly go wrong this mode

If we have to highlight a mode in League of Legends other than 5 vs 5 in the summary crack, it is probably Aram . All Random All Mid was born as a way created by the community itself to find a different way of playing lol, and in which the most important was fun. When assigned a random champion to each player, the variety is already here. The range (no) always wins the Builds obsessive The semi-conceited fact that not everyone knows But these last years have made Aram's goal come from fun, hypercompetivity and the search for alternative builds that make artillery champions shine. Or at least that is the story that the numbers tell. Are we playing Aram well? The range (no) always wins What you can see in the upper images is the Top 15 by percentage of victories and for selection percentage in ARAM, U.GG courtesy data. Thanks to these data we can see how there are correlations and are used a lot of champions with a percentage of imposing victories as MISS Fortune , Veigago

Ex-coach of the FC Bayern: World Cup in Qatar is ridiculous

Holland's bond coach Louis van Gaal , who used to trained the FC Bayern, finds "ridiculous" that the Football World Cup is held in Qatar. The FIFA would not be about the development of football, but about money, said the national coach of the Netherlands. The 70-year-old meets with his team next Tuesday (29 March) in Amsterdam in a test match on Germany. "I find it ridiculous that we will play in a country to - how the FIFA says - to develop the football there, where you put a tournament there," said Van Gaal and criticized the award of the Football World Cup (21. November to 18 December) by FIFA to Qatar. It goes to money to commercial interests. That's what the FIFA was going, said the former Bayern coach van Gaal.

Simulator Games Discounts, Steam Simpist 29 days

The 'Simpast-Harvey Edition (Dimensioner), which can purchase various simulator games at steam, will be held on the 29th (Domestic Time) for a week. Simpast is a simulator game discount event that allows you to indirect your hobby or job. Before, steam has been holding JRPG as a theme, which is a discount event, which is a kind of this genre discount. You can also enjoy experience with game discounts, and concrete discount items and discount rates have not been disclosed yet. This event also opens not only for discounts, but also simulator game developer live streaming. Streaming can be watched through Steam from 2 am (Domestic Time) on April 2 (by domestic time). Starting a 'Brumster', which is a beer manufacturing simulator, which is scheduled to be released soon, will start a variety of simulator game developers such as 'Plant State', 'House Flipper', and 'Power Wash'. On the other hand, in the first half of this year, the store that tied a

Elden Ring: Players defeated bosses with character on Level 1

Just under a month after the launch of Elden Ring , players now face some self-made challenges as they want to conquer the title of FROM Software. A popular Challenge , which has already given it even with the parts of Dark Souls, calls for players to complete the adventure with a character that will not seem a single time . First player conquered bosses on level 1 Gameplay videos show the bang-hard challenge Speedrunner put records in Elden Ring PC Games 04/22 with big tests for Elex 2 & Elden Ring, preview to Baldur's Gate 3, Dune: Spice Wars u. V. M. Elden Ring: Player encounters nearly supportable illusion wall First player conquered bosses on level 1 The well-known names of the Challenge Runner scene include Ongbal and Lobosjr. The two have uploaded numerous videos on Youtube in recent days or even mastered the challenge in Livestreams on Twitch. Because their game figures are on Level 1 , not only the life bar and stamina are tiny small, the damage is minimal. The

The brand-new "Warden" is the most harmful monster that Minecraft ever had

Considering these thinking about, however, that a lot could whole lot might transform release of launch Warden. When a Shrieker starts, all players remain in direct distance with a "darkness" effect, which restricts the sight substantially. At the exact same time, an internal "Alarm system Level" is expanding at 1. After the current state, Warden can likewise be made use of as a horrible instance. For the necessary "Sculk Shrieker" can not only be found in the "Deep Dark" biomium, however additionally type using a "Sculk Catalyst" in various other locations in the video game globe and also therefore see to it that a Warden shows up earlier (as long as it is dark enough). Below, however, you must be careful, because such a Warden does not quit after the first player... Considering these details, nevertheless, that a lot can transform till the release of the Warden. With a Warden Inminecraft is not to be spaed. The brand-new MOB is

Xbox Game Pass: If appears Fifa 22 Im EA Play ABO?

If you also ask you when FIFA 22 will finally be playable in the EA Play Subscription and thus also for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, then there is a small assumption of us here. Last year was announced in April that FIFA 21 will be rawed on 06 May 2021 at EA PLAY. The opportunities are fine this time that FIFA 22 is pasted again from May at EA Play. Since Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also use the service including, the exciting question remains whether Electronic Arts with EA Sports does not pretover and publish FIFA 22 in April 2022. As soon as there are something new to FIFA 22 for EA Play to report, you will learn it of course here on Game.

Presentation of the inventory for the Hogwarts Heritage to come this Thursday

Less than a week has elapsed since the last Sony inventory Presentation, and now the company has already announced a new showcase for this Thursday. Once again, with a duration of about 20 minutes, the Livestream will focus on the next Hogwarts Legacy game. You really should not expect other games to appear because "more than 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay captured on PS5" will be included. The presentation will then be completed by "some ideas of some members of the Avalanche Software team who give life to the wizard world". The Stage of Play showcase will begin at 9:00 pm BST / 14:00 pt / 17 h 00 he / 22 h 00 this Thursday, March 17, 2022. "It's an incredible moment towards which we have been working for a long time. We look forward to showing you what we work on, "said the Chandler Wood community head on the PlayStation blog. Hogwarts Legacy should currently be launched on PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year. You can of course foll

Gotham Knights Beta appears for a short time on Steam

A new Gotham Knights Beta has recently added to Steam, but quickly removed from WB Games Montréal. While the game has no publication date yet, this new game test certainly suggests that a publication announcement is imminent immediately. Gotham Knights is the next large Batman game of WB and plays in Gotham City, where Bruce Wayne and Police Commissioners died James Gordon, leading to an increase of chaos and crime. While Steam fast-up the Gotham Knights Beta Playtest app, a user quickly made a screenshot and posted him to Reddit. The user named SuspiciousTension19 on RedDit has shared an image that shows that a "Gotham Knights Beta Playtest" application has been uploaded to Steam last night before it quickly removed. However, the contribution was also removed from Reddit because its automated bots think "it could be spam". The Gotham Knights Playtest Beta is still listed on Steamdbeine Unofficial website, which monitors and shares details about the backend of St

Triangular strategy Ausfrost or Hyzante: What should you choose in Chapter 3?

Triangular strategy , the beautiful 2D HD hybrid of Square Enix, offers players the opportunity to participate in epic battles of strategic warfare, while they are set to absolutely tangible graphics that leaves every fan of pixel style. However, as with all the beautiful things, it is only time for something big to show you that you can ask to ask what you need to do. In this situation, it is the choice between Ausfrost or Hyzante , and we are here to point you in the right direction to meet the best choice for you! Follow us if we call you our advantages and disadvantages from which you can choose, and what makes one better than the other! Triangular strategy - Hyzante or aesfrost At Triangle Strategy, everything revolves around the choice, and one of these decisions is to find out if you want to pay a visit to the Triangle Grand Duchy of Ausfrost or the Holy Land Hyzante. Each of these branching stories does not only bring new group members in Your team, but also gives you t

Basketball: Thiemann can introduce itself to Novitzki at the DBB

National Johannes Thiemann can imagine an activity of the former basketball superstars Dirk Novitzki in the German national team. "Yes, of course. Dirk has an incredible experience. If he speaks to the team, everyone would listen very well. That's why that would be a personnel that would definitely help us. How realistic these considerations are, I do not know," said the 28-year-old in an interview of the magazine "basketball superstarss Illustrated". The new national coach Gordon Herbert had already talked about the idea to be able to integrate Novitzki in the future. Thiemann playing at basketball champion Alba Berlin can hardly imagine that a career as the Novitzki is repeated again. "These are huge footsteps who left Dirk. Direct to produce the next Novitzki, that's hard," said Thiemann. This also belongs "good luck," he clarified. "You have to be at the right place at the right moment and in the right constitution. It's n

FIFA 22: February de la Liga Nomination PotM

EA Sports, through the social media, the nominations of POTM of February de Laliga Santander for the mode FIFA 22 Ultimate Team . We remind you that the winner will receive a dedicated card for Fut 22 and you can redeem it by completing the Squad Building Challenge dedicated that it will probably be made available in March from EA Sports. You can express your preference through the following link starting today. Lime to the news we attach the image with the nominations. FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.