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Legend of Mana: Square Enix and Warner Bros. Unveil an overview of the animation series

Not content with having been remasted in HD last summer to finally find out the joys of a world release, Legend of Mana will be entitled this year to an adaptation in animation series piloted by Square Enix and Warner Bros. Japan. Carried by the director Masato Jinbo ( the rising of the shield hero season 2), the illustrator Haccan (Trials of Mana) and the composer of the game Yoko Shimomura, this adaptation tells the original story of Shiloh, young man including a strange voice He breathes him in dreams that he will soon have a mission to accomplish. This is undoubtedly linked to his meeting with Elazul and Pearl, a couple from the Jumi clan, whose representatives are often tracked down or even murdered due to the single jewel inlaid in their chest. The official website of legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal does not fail to reiterate to that of Echoes of Mana, the Action-RPG Free-to-Play which makes its debut today all over the world on iOS and Android.

[TIG First Look] Rhythm Shooter, BPM

The world is spacious and there are many games. The era of information is overflowing, 15 years of history of the game specialist in the game specialist in Disise Games, and you will take a taste of the game. TIG reporters who eat rice and play games are short, thick and easily delivered to you. TIG First Look! Domestic mother-in-law, "I can not skip the cut thin", "I can not handle the" Cut scene "that I have inserted a little controversy that I was inserted into the advertisement. What is the expression of 'subsequent work'? It is usually an exciting that the next story is expected, and the fact that the fact that this is the fact that this review game is a logic libral genre without a story. So I will not be praised for narrative. The concept of the challenge to shoot the guns in accordance with exciting and cool music is a very satisfactory experience in the core concept. However, when you take a time for a fun time, the moments of the game p

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale: Launch-Trailer zur PC

Tomorrow, Neocoregames King Arthur released: Knight's Tale, a blend of round-based tactical game and classic role-playing. The game was announced 2021 for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. The versions for console continue to be in development, how to know in the course of the upcoming publication via Twitter. Several months later after the PC version follow the consoles. So the current statement of developers. You want to announce a precise appointment later.

Save Twitch Stream: This is how the feature works

How to activate the video-on-demand feature for your Twitch channel Twitch offers a useful feature with the VOD system with which you can record and save your broadcasts. Since the function is initially disabled, proceed as follows: How to activate the video-on-demand feature for your Twitch channel How to download Twitch videos Open the Twitch TV website in your browser and log in with your user data. After logging in the top right, click your profile picture and select "Settings" in the drop-down menu. Select the item "Channel and Videos" on the left in the navigation. You will find the option "Save earlier transmissions" under "Stream Key & Preferences". Active the option using the slider. How long a video is stored depends on several factors. The standard storage duration is 14 days. For Twitch turbo, partners or prime subscribers, the storage period is sized with 60 days a little longer. How to download Twitch videos If yo

Nintendo Switch Online "Bad Mission Bond" is unlimited from GW. A fierce infiltration adventure that continues to continue now

Nintendo Switch Online Subscriber Limited Event "Thai Trial" is carried out from April 28 to 17:59 on May 5th. This target title is "Bad Mission Bond". During the event period, the product version can be played free of charge. "Bad Mission Bond" is an infiltration adventure. The protagonist to be the protagonist is the secret prosecution team Bond. Four elite cooperating and chasing the mystery of the mysterious neck and will eventually be caught in a conspiracy over the crisis of the world. This work is divided into the investigation part and the infiltration part, and the investigation part gets information by interviewing. Establish route in the infiltration part using such information. If the infiltration is successful, it is confronted with the upper black screen of the site. The investigation of the case is progressing while interwoven scenes using 3D models, comic winds, standing pictures and text. The character design of this work is in charg

How to become a priest in BitLife

To become a priest in BitLife, you will need to find and apply for a vacancy called decon . But before you can become a priest, you first need to create a character. After creating your character, you will need to grow up and graduate from high school. You will also need to simply focus on growing up, as special characteristics, such as mind and appearance, are not required to become a priest. Nevertheless, we will hang up and make sure that you have passed secondary school and you will be ready to become a priest. However, you will need to make sure that you do not commit any crimes and do not commit any dubious action from the moral point of view in the game. Do anything illegal or in question will prevent you from becoming a priest. In fact, every time you submit an application, the game simply tells you that there are more appropriate candidates. After you finish high school, you can find the job of the priest's deacon under the letter J. OB tab . You can find the &

BVB: Rose statement to Haaland loud Kehl unhappy

Borussia Dortmund's designed director Sebastians director Sebastian Kehl has evidenced the discussions about the health status of Erling Haaland. BVB: Statement by Rose to Haaland "something unhappy" BVB: So the stand in the transfer poker around Erling Haaland "He wanted to be there in the last weeks, even if he is not one hundred percent painless. But we are very careful with him," said Kehl in front of the Bundesliga game of BVB on Saturday against the VfL Wolfsburg at "Sky". Haaland has been laboratory for ankle problems since the international game break. Recently, statements by coach Marco Rose had recently taken care of. "I have sent a photo sent: The foot stood 90 degrees to the leg. That means that there will be something broken there," says the coach. Haaland will take "possibly a tablet" before the game against Wolfsburg, "then that should work," Rose said. BVB: Statement by Rose to Haaland "somethin

CD project Red: Work on different games announced for 2022

CD project Red has some iron in the fire and can call a few strong franchise your own. By Twitter, the studio has now announced that they still work this year. A few of the ongoing projects were known in advance and accordingly work there is no surprise, z. For example, a new game in The Witcher Universe, a current-gene upgrade for The Witcher 3 or an extension for Cyberpunk 2077. The contribution to Twitter also leads to work on unannounced titles. Here is an overview of which is being worked: Development work on an extension for Cyberpunk 2077 Development work on a new The Witcher game in the Unreal Engine 5 Further Support for Cyberpunk 2077 Development work at the upgrade of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Development work with the Studio The Molasses Flood for a unannounced project based on a well-known franchise Work on a spin-off to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Further Support for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and The Witcher : Monster Slayer Concept and investigation work o

Disney +: Percy Jackson in the upcoming series

Update from April 12 2022: Long it was quiet around the new Disney + series to Percy Jackson, but now one of the most important information about the implementation of the popular book series is clarified: Who play the Percy Jackson in the upcoming fantasy Series? It is a newcomer who could last convince spectators in a Netflix movie. New performer for Percy Jackson: Young Newcomer What are the plans for Percy Jackson on Disney +? What is it in Percy Jackson? New performer for Percy Jackson: Young Newcomer In the role of Percy slips namely Walker Scobell . You may know this from the Sci-Fi Adventure "The Adam Project" , in which he was in the lead with Ryan Reynolds (whose young version he played). The 13-year-old actor fits very well to the book template, in which Percy Jackson was twelve years old as the adventures of the first volume begin. For comparison: The movie version of Percy Jackson was played by the then 20-year-old Logan Lerman. Original message fro

The ideal PS5 games at the Easter

At Amazon you can protect some deals at Easter. Wonder's Guardians of the Galaxy Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cyberpunk 2077 Not just PS5 games: Even more offers PS5 games at Amazon. At Amazon there is a whole lot of excellent offers in the course of the Easter offers. In addition to TVs as well as PC peripherals, some really solid games are appropriately lowered. Below you will find a selection of the very best PS5 games , which you can get more affordable less costly at Amazon Wonder's Guardians of the Galaxy After giving your launching on the cinema in 2 huge MCU manufacturings , Square Enix brought the Guardians of the Galaxy last year to the gaming consoles. In the game, we experience a very own journey from the factor of sight of Peter Quill Also Known As Starlord Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a pure solitary player experience and at Amazon just decreased from 69.99 euros 29.59 euros. . Wonder's Guardians of the Galaxy for PS5 at Amazon Kena:

GTA 6: Leak reveals exciting detail to the characters

Lately, the Leaks to GTA 6. Recently there was a large insider report that has opened numerous details about the next Open World Hit by Rockstar. Now a user on Twitter claims to know an exciting property of two of the playable GTA-6 characters. GTA-6 characters should be related What do we know about GTA 6 so far? GTA-6 characters should be related New information about the protagonists of GTA 6 make the round. Twitter users @ matheusbr9895_ claims to know more details in the network. According to his statement, two of the game characters should actually be siblings - a man and a woman - sharing a tragic fate: Her parents were murdered in 2003. This scene should see the players in the prologue of GTA 6. However, the main part of the game should play in 2024. What the Twitter user betrays in another tweet: apparently Rockstar should also play with the idea, Dynamically adapt the map of GTA 6 to the events in the game and even install some destructible elements. So far, player

Free for PS4: Sony has a small gift for all players

In March 2022, the Woman's History Month, in which the social contributions were appreciated by women. Also Sony wanted to make a small contribution and now gives away a theme to all PS4 player, which is modeled on the action theme. Woman's History Month: Sony gives away PS4 theme How to activate the coupon code on the PS4 Woman's History Month: Sony gives away PS4 theme To celebrate the completion of the Woman's History Month, Sony has started a small gift campaign for all PS4 players. With the code 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 , all owners of a PS4 can secure a free theme via the PlayStation Store, which was created by the Design Team of PlayStation Studios exclusively for this occasion: While PS4 players can look forward to the new theme, PS5 players are empty . Sony's Next Gen console continues to support no themes. Whether the function is still submitted later at a later date remains to be seen. _Not only themes are painful from the PS5 owners: _ How to activate t

Badest Steam game 2021: Last chance for flopped FIFA

The release of Efootball ended for Konami last year in a disassembly. Now the spectacular failed FIFA competitor finally gets a big update that promises massive improvements. Can Konami save the future of Efootball? Efootball: Big update comes in April PES: Is Konamis FIFA competitor still to save? Efootball was released in 2021 in a completely unfinished state, which Konami brought heavily criticism from all sides. The former FIFA competitor had to plug in a demoralizing bankruptcy after the next ** from fans and critics and was torn on steam and metacritic in the air. In the next week six months later the first really big update finally appears, with which Efootball reaches version 1.0.0. Another own goal may not allow Konami to probably. Efootball: Big update comes in April Konami has announced that on April 14 an update for Efootball will appear that will be the game on the version 1.0.0 Hieven - a condition that should actually be the standard already in the release.

Valorant: The umpteenth clip macho in the game becomes viral with his insult ranger

Maybe in our Eco bubble that constitute our friends and family , we do not have to see how the world is out there. But the reality is that the faults of respect and the insults camp at their broad Internet. A good sample of this is what happened with ishowspeed , a well-known American Streamer, and its retailer of Machistas insults in Valorant. It is not the first time that the game is in the center of the controversy as far as Machistas insults refers. The Riot Games Shooter has a high percentage of players to be a first-person tactical shooting game, but many of them have suffered vexations through voice chat. But the video below is doubly dangerous, as it normalizes this attitude in front of many spectators. a shameful video _ "What, whore? Is it a whore who speaks to me? Is it a woman who speaks to me? Go to the fucking game and go wash the dishes of your husband, whore" _, is the incredible Sanz that It says Ishowspeed when discussed a play for a teammate. All this

Final Fantasy 14: The adventurer pass

With the adventurer pass (Adventurer Plates), the warriors of the Light of Final Fantasy 14 may present themselves in a very special light in the future. These business cards are individually designed and can then be viewed by other players. You can optically set yourself in scene, but also useful information about you. In his 70. Letter from the producer Live has now introduced Naoki Yoshida this feature detailed. Presents you! A lot of information Source: Sqaure Enix Source: Sqaure Enix Presents you! In the optical design, the adventurer pass lets you a lot of free space. For example, your portrait can be freely adapted to the GPOS feature. You can choose different poses, lighting and backgrounds. Other gimmicks, such as the frame, can be freely determined. You may store different variations of your portraits and switch between them at any time. With patch 6.1 you can save 20 portraits. This should be increased later to 100. The pass itself can also be designed individually wi

Schalke 04: Thomas Ouwejan loses offensive strength

The whole league trembles in front of this Thomas Ouwejan and his sharp ones. Eight times, the Dutch already prepared a goal, he achieved three goals himself. The left outer car of FC Schalke 04 was so far feared with the opponents, the Dutchman made here in the 3-5-2 system under coach Dimitrios Grammozis always powerful steam. Meanwhile, Mike's Büskens say that at the side line, one of his first official actions as a transitional coach was the tactical change - away from 3-5-2, towards the four-chain. Against FC Ingolstadt (3: 0) and Hannover 96 (2: 1) missed Ouwejan violated, against Dresden he stood in the starting eleven. It was hardly for development. "Not again at 100 percent" - or even victims of the system? OUWEJANS Previous position on the left outer track is no longer available in Büskens' basic order. On the corners and free kicks of the 25-year-old, of course, the new role has no influence, but against Dresden (2: 1) you could quite gain the impr

Draisaitl puts a winning goal

The Oilers won on Friday against the St. Louis Blues with 6: 5 (4: 1, 1: 2, 0: 2) after extension. Draisaitl prepared the winning goal by his congenial teammate Connor McDavid. McDavid introduces the scorer rating of the league with 101 points in front of Draisaitl, which after two tap templates against St. Louis now comes to 99 gate participations this season. After the third victory, the Oilers continue to continue on the third rank of the Pacific Division, which is entitled to direct qualification for the play-offs. At the same time they introduced the franchise record with the ninth home win in series. Grubauer conceded next defeat The direct pursuer Vegas Golden Knights also won. Against the Division Unit Seattle Kraken with the German national goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer won the Golden Knights with 5: 2. Grubauer was able to parry 21 out of 24 shots on his gate. In the final phase Vegas scored two goals in the empty gate. Tim Support won with the Ottawa Senators a German


Square Enix has just shared the 6.1 Final Fantasy 14 update trailer but also on the date of availability. The deployment of the next Japanese MMO stage will take place on April 12th. The traditional trailer puts images on the novelties already listed previously, starting with the new epic quests but also the usual secondary quests, tribal, not to mention the return of the quests of the detective gentleman. The challenges of the final responses and the plague of Ultima will also be the part in extreme mode, while the new fatal raid (dragonal warfare war) will wait a little longer until patch 6.11. At the same time, the azure city is adorned with its new residential, empyrated area, some of which can be won by a new drawing system. Players will also be able to realize new character cards by taking installation and personalizing this business card. And if the JCJ enthusiasts will discover a new mode called Crystalline Conflict, let's not forget that the solitary players will be

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers slip back from the Play-in - Demar Derozan with 50 points at OT

The Los Angeles Lakers must insert another defeat in Utah and slip out of the play-in ranks. Demar Derozan Hievt His Chicago Bulls with a 50-point game to an OT victory, while James Hardens leaves questions in Detroit again. Detroit Pistons (21-56) - Philadelphia 76ers (46-30) 102: 94 (Boxscore) Atlanta Hawks (40-37) - Cleveland Cavaliers (42-35) 131: 107 (Boxscore) Detroit Pistons (21-56) - Philadelphia 76ers (46-30) 102: 94 (Boxscore) The pistons remain a real Favoriteschreck and annoyed this time a home hall the Philadelphia 76ers. Detroit was almost the complete game back, it took up to six minutes before the end before Cade Cunningham with a layup got the first leadership of the hosts that evening. It was part of a 23: 4-run in the fourth quarter, which gave the pistons a double-digit upholstery and was no longer released. Cunningham (27, 12/19 FG, 6 assists, 4 steals) and SADDIQ BEY (22, 9/17) were the catalysts for the late run, the Lethargic Sixers had no answer. This als