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Zelda: Ocarina of Time come alive in Unreal Engine 5 thanks to a user; demo available

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Luce graphic muscle in the lNintendo Switcht work of the community. A user hNintendo Switch been encouraged to make a remake of the Nintendo clNintendo Switchsic using Unreal Engine 5. All visual potential is present: Lumen, support for DLSS and ray layout. The result, Nintendo Switch you can see in the video under this paragraph, is simply spectacular and respectful of the original visual line. Unreal Engine 5 and Ocarina of Time thanks to the community "I have finally transferred it to Unreal Engine 5 and I do not regret it at all," says Cryzenx, his creator, in an entry on her Patreon page. “There are many new functions that can accelerate development. I can't wait to make use of them. ” Cryzenx refers to the project is coming much earlier. He did the same with the previous version of the graphic engine. Given the facilities to transfer it to the next generation, we can now see it while he makes use of the latest technolo

That changes in the new DFB Cup

With the coming season, a new cycle begins in the DFB Cup. Throughout the allocation of legal rights for periods 2022/23 to 2025/26, the DFB adaptations in the video game and also television plan of its crucial competition to change them momentarily as a result of the Winter World Cup in Qatar. brand-new kick-off times, more game days ZDF resurgence and even more free television video games In fact, 5 technologies are intended: 1. 2 games of the 1st DFB Cup round do not occur in August, but just on a Tuesday and Wednesday (8:45 p.m.) in September. The participants are influenced by the DFL supercup, which will be held at the weekend of the 1st DFB Cup round (July 29 to August 1). On July 30th, Cup winner Leipzig welcomes Master Bavaria. brand-new kick-off times, more game days ** In the First DFB Cup round there are brand-new kick-off times. Amongst various other points, 2 video games begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday and also Sunday. ** The round of 16 changes the calendar year. O

Rans Quest Magnum will receive a physical collection edition

Mangagamer announced that the Rance Quest Magnum, developed by Aliceesoft, will receive a physical limited edition, which is currently available for preliminary order through their digital store. The set of 79.95 US dollars, whose release is scheduled for July 7, 2022, includes the following items: Limited box * 80-page booklet with leadership * USB-football with a bilateral cover * User USB player of the game + OST (56 tracks in MP3 and FLAC formats) * Rance quest digital loading card * Acrylic keychain RESET KALAR ELFICHIC Rance Quest Magnum includes the basic game Rance Quest and all materials from the Magnum addition, such as additional arts, missions and an expanded plot.

Connect cell phone to Xbox One

Connect cell phone to Xbox One: Only a few steps required To connect your smartphone to the Xbox One, you need the official Xbox app . These are available for both Android and iOS. Simply enter "Xbox" as a search term in the App Store and install the app. After a successful app installation, proceed as follows: Make sure that the cell phone and Xbox One are in the same network. This is necessary for the first time. As soon as the cell phone has found the console in the network in the app, tap "Connect". If you want this to be done automatically in the future, you will also check the check mark on "Connect automatically". More work is not necessary because the devices are now connected. So you can use the app's features directly, for example: Use the cell phone as a remote control See your Xbox friends list on your cell phone Play games in split screen mode So the app increases comfort and makes it even easier to access the features of

PlayStation Plus Premium reveals the initial line of PS5 and PS4 games

PlayStation Plus is finally ready to start its restructuring next month, in which two new levels (extra and premium) will be offered to subscribers. Although current PS Plus subscribers do not have to update beyond their current level, those who do can access a catalog of playstation games of the past. Now, we know which PS5 and PS4 games will land in this iteration of the service. Delineated in the PlayStation Sony blog today revealed the initial list of PS5 and PS4 titles that will make available to subscribers when ps plus extra and PS Plus Premium are launched next month. For the most part, this is a very strong alignment with projects such asthe souls of the demon_, devolution and spider-man of Marvel: Miles Morales highlighting the PS5 selections. For the PS4, classic as dios of the war , inxplorado 4 and transmitted by the blood will be available. It is worth noting that the Ubisoft editor is making certain games available to this service, but they will only be available

Cheering Haaland in BVB

In his hometown Bryne Erling, Haaland cheers Haaland forever in black and yellow: A, large-and-sized work of art unveiled on the facade of a dairy on Monday afternoon shows the outgoing Dortmund with torn fists of one of his many goals in the BVB jersey. The creator of the murals is the anonymous street artist "Pöbel", known beyond Norway. "The work of art is not only aimed at football fans," he said, "I hope it is good for people as inspiration that you can fulfill your dreams if you only work hard for it." For Haaland, that was the dream of professional football. The 21-year-old is moving to Manchester City for the new season. Articles and videos on the topic * Still in BVB look: Erling Haaland caught celebrating * The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN - register now! The fact that he will continue to cheer in Bryne in Borussia dress does not see "Pöbel" as a problem. "This is Erling's history, the co

"Spring Yuki Retrochika" playing on Nintendo Switch is 8 dissatisfied with 2 fun. I put EPIC launcher in Steam Deck. The PC barked at the hand spinner RPG. This week's gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 336th time. It may be irreplaceable for days. One step towards the stacking game digestion I thought it would burn by turning around the computer Authentic mystery police! One step towards the stacking game digestion This week, Epic Games Launcher was introduced to Steam Deck. There are some games purchased at the Epic Games store, but they are more free to distribute titles. Basically, like the Xbox Cloud Gaming introduced earlier, it is a form of adding an external application to the Steam library, but this time it is necessary to install the launcher from there and work properly, and the procedure is somewhat. complicated. Please google for details. From the launcher, it looks like it works through the compatible layer Proton, and because of that, Brows etc. is slightly mossy. However, it is functioning correctly, and once the game is installed, you can play comfortably.

MMORPG Maplestory players can exchange their blood for exclusive intra -game cosmetics

Maplestory Sea-Region players before May 22, 2022 can become blood donors and get exclusive intra-game objects for this. Everyone who registers with the blood donation conducted by the game and donates blood will receive unique cosmetics. In addition, additional awards will be issued to the donors if the action reaches certain lines: 200 donors will receive a free pet, 450 donors - a chair in the form of a space cocktail, and 800 donors - a sea skate. Maplestory is a free multi-user role-playing online game, developed by the South Korean company Wizet and was made in an anime of stylistics.

Embracer Group: Große AAA

Lars Wingefors, CEO of the Embracer Group, spoke about the projects of the Studios Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal in a presentation. First of all, he was happy at the sight of the IPs, which are located in the pipelines of both studios. And because it was difficult to talk about it without revealing, he called Crystal Dynamics, who, as is well known, work the next part of the Tomb Raider series. Later the topic was taken up again in a Q&A. There, Wingefors revealed that in addition to Tomb Raider, they are also excited because of the very large AAA experiences based on popular franchises. "Of course we are very excited about the new Tomb Raider game. It's not just about Tomb Raider, but also a number of very large AAA experiences in the pipeline, which are based on beloved franchises that we own, as well as on original IPs. It's a very interesting pipeline. " "I would say that the pipeline generally goes beyond these 2 years. So there will be a f