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High On Life is a 3D Action-Adventure Game Where You Save Human Race From Slavery

The story of High On Life takes the players to a toy throughout the galaxy, since the protagonist must save the human race of slavery at the hands of the G3 poster. Once the task is completed, the game does not tell you what to do, probably leaving you scratching your head on what to do next. Do not fear; Here are some tasks to do after beating High On Life.

experience the secret end

Image source: Squinch Games through The High On Life story mode ends abruptly, and the credits appear on the screen as soon as you have completed your trip and take you back to the main menu. However, there is a secret end, one that almost guarantees that working in a sequel for the successful title of Squinch Games. Be sure to consult our step by step on how to experience the secret end, since I do not want to spoil how to complete it in this guide or even what happens.

Cut up with Warp albums

Image source: Game radar Continuing with the tendency of hidden secrets and Easter eggs, you will surely want to experience the Warp Disc and unlock seeing all places of interest achieved. To do this, you must buy the six Warp albums and use them in the game. It may seem an arduous task, but the reward is immense, since each Warp album summons a strange scenario. A personal favorite is the album Movie Theater, since you can watch the 1990 horror movie Demon Wind in its entirety. Demon Wind is not the only movie that can be seen, and you will find Gene on the couch watching a lot of old movies while you are saving the world. The other five albums are equally fun, and we also have a guide on how to find and use the Warp albums.

Explore away

Image source: Squinch Games through It is very likely that you are doing this while you follow the first two steps on the list. However, if you have not done so, be sure to explore all the different semi-open spaces in High on Life. Most likely, unless you have taken your time during the history of the story, you did not collect all the Lummoxes. Returning to the spaces previously clear with your complete set of Italians will help you collect the Lummoxes, allowing you to buy most of the improvements for your character and arsenal. There are also some hidden secrets to find. That is all you need to know what to do after beating High On Life. Be sure to consult our content related below to keep up to date on the game, such as our review, if the game is directed to the PlayStation consoles or the impressive launch numbers of High on Life. Related Posts How to use Warp albums on high on life How to open the closed door of Human Haven in high on life How to get the Lawsuit gun in high on life Move Over Minecraft, High On Life is the new King of Game Pass, beating Minecraft How long is it high in life? Answered


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