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Inkbound Preview: A Unique Rogue-Like With Co-Op Action

From the developers of the critically acclaimed game Spell spire, Inbound is a unique rogue-like that offers both a solo and co-op mode. In the preview event we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the lead developers from Shiny Shoe, and we were really impressed with what they've done so far.


Not just the miasma, however damaging an enemy draws its aggro, with Inbound telegraphing the enemies's assault path, allowing groups of players placement out of risk when their turn mores than. Each round bubbles additionally cover the field of battle that when interacted with will repay activity points. Discovering a method to chain assaults making use of these totally free activity points can draw off some destructive combos if done well.

In my play session, I opted for the Moss cloak, dressed in environment-friendly fallen leaves and also carrying a giant shrike, the rapid, damage-dealing class looked so attractive to me initially. And also fortunately, in practice, it was a ton of enjoyable to play as well.

Shiny Footwear's upcoming title, Inbound, takes cues from its last release, Beast Train, as well as aims to provide an engrossing, ever-evolving experience to gamers. Embed in a globe where stories revive, inbound takes players to Atheneum, the large collection which contains all tales ever created, where they are tasked with helping to protect it from pressures set on unbinding the globes, and the tales they produce.

While Shiny Shoe is ensuring that each course is able to be played solo in a run, where Inbound really feels comfortable, at the very least in my viewpoint, remains in its multiplayer. Being able to build my personality along with the developers was good, specifically as we might play off each other, add skills that we might need as a group, and strategize our builds versus simply proceeding and selecting a binding.

Among the lot more unique attributes of Inbound, however, is that you don't necessarily lug that power over to the next run. Rather, you'll begin each one with a blank web page, able to properly craft your personality differently each time, depending upon team composition and demand.

Starting, however, I choose the swift, roguish Moss cloak, but there are various other courses like the heavy melee Lava Miner or the spell-casting Weaver, and also a massive two-shield walking storage tank, the Pillar. The courses in Inbound merely really feel like a beginning point, as you can properly produce your very own variation of the course in each run.

These abilities can increase the play style you need for that round, whether it be an action that produces a lightning blast that jumps from adversary to adversary, or a Head to keep friends in the battle. Synergies as well as combos can additionally be built off of these Bindings, actually rewarding creativity and planning for those players that real get right into it.

In my play session, Shiny Footwear Founder as well as CEO Mark Cooke additionally developed a Moss cloak, providing us two high damages dealing personalities in the run. While you can simply sally forth as well as do a keep up good friends, Inbound has a center location that permits gamers to group up, choose as well as accumulate pursuits, and also much more. These missions better the story being informed in Inbound, yet also give gamers goals during the runs to level up, unlock a lot more character classes and more.

As a rogue-like, each of the different maps you'll play on are procedurally produced, making each run different from the last. They all adhere to the exact same fundamental formula: You'll pick a setting and also from there beat waves of enemies while gaining power ups as well as incentives to develop your character, at some point culminating in an employer fight to finish the run.

Rather of simply running about, zapping opponents with wild abandon like you could in various other isometric RPGs like Course of Exile or Diablo, Inbound takes a much more leisurely approach. Each player has action points that determine how much they can move per turn, as well as what actions they can take. Each round, a miasma gradually begins to cover the battlefield, damaging players that end up stuck in it without movement factors at the end of each turn.

Select your very own journey

Runs play out in succeeding rounds, where you get in a place, trigger combat, and also acquire incentives at the end if you appear triumphant. At the end of each round, you gain the capability to find out a new Binding, which adds a new skill to your skill bar to make use of for the period of the run. You'll likewise earn currency which you can utilize to acquire things to boost your statistics, such as enhancing your crucial hit chance, health and also more. These capabilities are randomized, as well as any class can pick them, offering each run a one-of-a-kind feeling not just in terms of the environment, yet likewise the style of gameplay you could need to make use of to adjust to the run itself.

I discovered myself additionally leaning into area of effect damages attacks, such as one that allow me chain a lightning strike among close-by opponents, dealing damages to every monster in its wake. This attack just got more powerful as well as strong as the run went on, at one point eliminating about 80% of the monsters in a round with a solitary activation many thanks to my high essential hit strike.

Using skills that additionally put condition effects on monsters is vital too, specifically since your activities per round of battle are limited. So having the ability to use points like poisonous substance to deal damage over time ended up being a practical tactic early in my very first run. Being able to populate an adversary and just forget about it, understanding it was hosting likely to die from poisonous substance damage its following turn allowed me to preserve my action factors as well as just concentrate on that would be left.

I'm definitely interested to see what type of beast selection there is across multiple runs, specifically as even more managers are presented at the end, however we'll have to wait to see closer in the direction of release. On the contrary, the world around me and the fight, as well as the possibility of getting also much more overpowered with each round, kept me glued to my screen.

Considering that players take their turn with each other, Mark, and also I had the ability to align shots with our shrikes to chain combos as well as essential strikes, as well as ensuring as long as possible that no step was truly lost on our end. As I got more comfortable and also utilized to my character, we began to just burn via opponents like they were wheat meeting a scythe. It was extremely enjoyable seeing myself grow increasingly more powerful across the training course of the run.

At the beginning of each run in Inbound, you'll require to pick your villain. As Cooke clarifies it to me, each villain is a wicked creature from the tales from the Atheneum that have actually damaged complimentary and also are terrifying the Sea of Ink, the globe where each run takes place. As Inbound is heavily driven by its storybook aesthetic, I could not aid yet reflect to those old select your very own experience books I check out as a child. I used to love them as they gave the illusion that I was connecting with the characters and also the story as a whole on a real level, and also the concept of not only picking my villain, however likewise the setup in each run felt like the branching paths those old tales held.

Nevertheless, that power doesn't roll over to the next run, verse. You still have your standard course skills, yet those Bindings that obtain skills and increase your character don't follow you back to the library after an effective run. Instead, that contributes to the replayability and also challenge. No two runs equal, as well as it may likewise help alleviate turning tiredness, something that I know plagues lots of an MMO player, myself included.

Each world is stood for by a publication that you choose at the beginning. These globes are the tales you're attempting to cleanse the unraveled threads as the group behind Inbound telephone calls it, and each publication will certainly also have its very own mutations to make each run much more special. Though, regardless of the curator, each book will have its very own one-of-a-kind set of opponents, NPCs to speak to, and also more. You'll run with three publications in a run, dealing with down the large poor villain at the end.

Throughout our play session, Mark and I discovered ourselves gravitating towards a construct with our Moss cloaks that specialized in dealing large damages through critical hits. By grabbing bindings that increased vital hit chance, as well as critical hit damage, we had the ability to gradually build ourselves into 2 glass cannon, shuriken-throwing characters that would refute also the strongest adversaries in the end.

Atheneum: The Library With Every Story Ever Written

Ethereum itself is a social hub where players will satisfy, socialize, develop events, and also more. It serves as a main place between go to plan teams, order more purposes as well as kip down pursuits to the Gatekeeper and also other NPCs known as Binders.

You'll run via three publications in a run, facing down the large bad villain at the end.

These abilities are randomized, and any type of course can select them, providing each run a unique feel not just in terms of the setting, however additionally the design of gameplay you may require to use to adapt to the run itself.

This hub is little, though Shiny Footwear does state that it can expand in time. The Atheneum additionally has an MMO-style conversation system, permitting gamers to talk naturally and group up for runs together easily. Right here in the center you'll also transform in missions, grab specialized run quests that see you look after particular objectives per run, and much more. I personally like the concept of having the ability to open the different classes and also swap in between them when you do, just including in the replay value in my opinion. If I obtain tired of my Moss cloak, I can easily swap to a Lava Miner or any kind of various other class I've opened along the way.

Below in the hub you'll also turn in quests, get hold of specialized run missions that see you take care of particular goals per run, as well as much more.

While you can just sally forth as well as do a run with good friends, Inbound has a hub location that enables gamers to organize up, choose and also accumulate pursuits, as well as a lot more. These quests even more the tale being told in Inbound, but also give players objectives throughout the runs to level up, unlock more character courses and even more.

Inbound looks to be toning up to be a good little rogue-like, as well as the piece I reached play with the designers has me anxious to jump in even more. Inbound is intending to release in Springtime of 2023 on Heavy steam.


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