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Long live the Sietes! 10 low -remarkable games that conquered us all

The Callisto Protocol h just arrived at stores around the world and their notes have been a jug of cold water for many. we said in our analysis, where it does not ps from 7, it hurts in the soul to think about what it could be and is not. The final experience is far from being the Dead Space 4 that we never had, and we expected it to be. However, you always have to put the notes in due context and remember that a seven is still a notable that we would have surely signed with the eyes closed in certain subjects of the university. A remarkable low, yes, a notable that distance from excellence and being an essential game, but also represents that it is enjoyed perfectly and that even, why not, can captivate us and earn a space in our heart. This h been demonstrated in the pt. They are precisely the ones that we are going to review today, the examples that did not receive the unanimous applause of the press to its launch, but that survive in our memory great games. Because you have heard more than once, opinions are like ses. We all stop one.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • Note in Metacritic: 79
  • Meditation analysis: 90

A Souls of Star Wars. A project risky... surprisingly good. Respawn Entertainment (Titan fall, Apex Legends) jumped from the genus Shooter to the third-person action adventures and the result shows that the developer is trustworthy. Cal Testis's adventure strengthened in our top with the best Star Wars games, but did not finish convincing everyone for plot issues and technical problems. Even so, an excellent level design (Backtracking included) and that balanced mixture of platforms, fighting and exploration made it a product to take into account, and not only for fans of the Lucarts universe. We are looking forward to discovering his sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, from which we recently reviewed everything we know so far.

Wallenstein: The New Order

  • Note in Metacritic: 79
  • Analysis in Meditation: 78

Reboots have more danger than it seems. Taking a Wallenstein caliber franchise, one of the parents of the Shooter genre, an icon of the 80s and 90s, and returns to life three decades later it does not usually go well nor is it a challenge for any1. But Machine Games succeeded, let's get it. The New Order w the first of four games (and we are still anxious for the fifth and definitive) that resurrected the Wallenstein saga and did so retaining all their magic, that of the FPS of the old school, direct, pswords and without complexes, full of macabre moments and with a hilarious sense of humor that does not cut a hair. In his reviews he weighed the nostalgia and claim of the originals, but that does not take away so that The New Order and his successors were shooters capable of entertaining and falling in love with anyone.


  • Note in Metacritic: 77
  • Analysis in Meditation: 85

A bios hock in space with the quality seal of Arcane (Dishonored)? What more could you want? Prey w one of the 2017 Sleepers, and it is a cult jewel that people do not tire of recommending, but in their day they also weighed the notes of the analysis. In them, he suffered from the eternal comparisons with System Shock and the Irrational Games saga, but also the problems sociated with the brand. Many longed for the approach of the outstanding game of the same name that w launched in 2006, a turnaround to the genus of the Sp and remained angry with the canceled sequel. There were those who bothered that he did not keep his spirit and be more hardcore and cls icon. A pity, because the prejudices prevented seeing that we were before a Lord Game.

Transformers: Robertson's fall

  • Note in Metacritic: 77
  • Analysis in Meditation: 80

If Transformers are already looking over the shoulder in cinem to be in good benefice, imagined in video games, where the games thrown to take advantage of the commercial pull of certain films have always been the largest Flag network in the industry. With such a handicap, Robertson's fall fought against the unbelievers thanks to mouth-to-mouth. Everyone who proved it w surprised and surrendered to evidence: it is tremendously fun. An unexpected design of higher level, a variety of situations and a multiplayer solid (essential at that time of online effervescence) led him to be the best recreation of the Transformers' universe in video game format. It would be a pity that their Sites made more than one miss it.

Quantum break

  • Note in Metacritic: 76
  • Analysis in Meditation: 80

Remedy is one of those studies that h always been looked at with magnifying gls. Maybe because we know what is capable (Max Payne, Alan Wake) and we don't settle for less. Quantum Break did not become the referent of the action adventures that many expected, but that does not make him a bad game. Nothing is further from reality. Funny and without too many complications, the proposal experienced a lot with the narrative and with all kinds of time-related playable mechanics. You will not always invent the Bullet Time and revolutionize the entire video game industry, but that does not take away for what you are doing well.


The Evil Within

  • Note in Metacritic: 74
  • Analysis in Meditation: 80

From Resident Evil 4 onwards, Survival Horror have always had the same dilemma. Too much action and lose the most purists of the genre. Too little and lose audience. Finding balance is complicated and when they don't give you some, they give you others. Add a technical section full of problems, the elongated shadow of Resident Evil 4 and black bands on the screen impossible to remove. There you have why The Evil Within, a Rebel of virtues and benefits, never reached the remarkable in Metacritic. An essential Miami genius for fans of the genre that, is the ce with the work of all geniuses, is touched by madness and is capable of the best and worst.

Binary Domain

  • Note in Metacritic: 74
  • Analysis in Meditation: 75

A Third-Person Shooter of the creators of Yakuza? An attempt to earn Westerners from Sega's offices in Japan? The thing did not paint well and the vitamin marines posters and shots everywhere were not very encouraging. Even so, Binary Domain ended up being a rabidly original experience, with own identity and a tremendous script. And that w what made not everyone finished appreciating it. Sometimes we complain about the lack of spark or freshness of many productions, embedded in the usual formul, but when we have something different we relee that it costs to get used to. It is not finished appreciating and demonstrating that tte is educated, Plato said. Binary Domain is a cult game that raises psions (and animosity) wherever it goes and the notes of the analysis only account for it, not subtracting an apex of genius to the proposal.

Dying Light

  • Note in Metacritic: 73
  • Analysis in Meditation: 77

Light by the technical and repetitive problems of its missions and approaches, Dying Light w a refreshing cocktail that mixed parkour ingredients, blood, zombies and survival. The typical game that you do not know, tests and wants to leave, but in which if you scratch below the surface you find a surprising depth with hundreds of content and unforgettable situations. Little by little, the voice and criticisms of the users ran (well above those of the press), led Tech land to grow more and more bed on expansions and raise it one of the best zombie games in history. It h even had a sequel launched this year.

Days Gone

  • Note in Metacritic: 71
  • Meditation analysis: 80

Facing bugs and technical problems, the launch of Days Gone w one of the most controversial. Above it w Sony's great exclusive for the first half of 2019 and a zombie game in an industry that w then saturated with inbreeding and walkers. Palms fell everywhere, and it w not until the storm psed and the updates that people discovered a game that fulfilled the wet dream of many fans of the theme Z were psed: becoming Dixon, the motorist of the crossbow to the shoulder that makes Bad s on The Walking Dead. He also did it with production values never seen in a zombie game. He did not invent the wheel, Days Gone w a Road Movie whose paths and roads are worth going beyond the notes, which express that turbulent start. When it started there w no back.

Mad Max

  • Note in Metacritic: 71
  • Analysis in Meditation: 78

We close the list with another of those adaptations to video games that we confuse with a mere promotional product that sought to take a slice of the success of the film on duty (in this ce, the excellent Mad Max Fury Road). Maybe that w his problem, but in the sense that Avalanche had few resources and raised it in that way. The game fell short in many things, but any child who had fun with the lonely Mad Max of Ne's will see good intentions after the proposal and will be amazed with an adventure that nailed the essence of the warrior of the road.


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